WUTANG neon fixture

When approached by Rocksmith back in 2011 for a custom furniture for their new space , the project swiftly evolved into supporting the design for the overall flagship store.

Part of the launch of this shop, included the limited edition release of a Wutang Capsule Collection series which required a small display case and light fixture to showcase the collab evident from the street at night

Inspired by the 1st time Robyn experienced Wutang live in NYC back in 2007.

On Randalls Island during Rock the Bells with half a dozen friends  in the pouring rain.

Going through archives from that show to inspire the piece, I stumbled across these abstract light streaks from the camera shaking while dancing the night away. Those images inspired the concept to develop a neon light element that bent around the classic wutang form. In order to develop the concept, I first used a simple scroll saw to carve out the shape out of polystyrene, formular, and covered in the classic Yellow Montana Paint. This was used to bend the shape of the single line neon light. The light fabricator utilized this to model the final piece and install on site.


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