Professional Services

Throughout a 15 year career in the building industry in NYC, RYSQ provides the following services to our clients. With the trifecta of skills being trained as an architect, expeditor, and working in the construction management industry, RYSQ is able to offer that toolbox of experience to my clients in a variety of ways. Whether you are a real estate developer, property building owner, small business owner, or simply looking for a new apartment and looking to research the building and manage the renovation…this is what RYSQ is here for.

Our current focus is on progressive projects with a focus on sustainability and wellbeing. As a result this approach will be present in the research and the design consulting. Whether it be

  • to analyze property with the benefits of zoning green and progressive sustainable energy technology in mind,
  • manage the design, construction, and close out inspections to pursue WELL Certification
  • or simply to develop an interior design package with ethically sustainable products and biophilic design

We enjoy floating through various disciplines of design to scale and build ideas, from the abstract to the real, in a code compliant manner

Zoning Analysis

Property research based on current City Planning zoning resolution regulations in order to develop strategic assessments for the viability of a site. Predominantly focused on New York City, the analysis also includes research with:

  • ZOLA
  • Zoning Resolution Articles and amendments
  • Special Purpose District Zoning overlays
  • Quality Housing & Inclusionary Housing
  • Building Code and relevant Technical Bulletins
  • PlanNYC 2030 for Zone Green sustainability
  • FEMA F.I.R.M flood zone
  • in depth review of Department of Building records: DOB BIS, DOB NOW
  • Assessment of other agency records: DEP, DOT, Parks, conEdison
  • Review of G.O.A.T.
  • Once the information is researched, RYSQ prepares a detailed Zoning Reports & Zoning Diagrams to synthesize the content

Building Code Review

  • Peer Review of an Agency Filing drawing set for code compliance prior to submission. Often times as a 2nd set of eyes to red line for an architect, expeditor, or developer.
  • Cross check of local building code notes, references, tagging, legibility, and ADA compliance to communication the project effectively and minimize objections during a full review project

Construction Coordination

Provide support to a General Contractor or Subcontractor team to coordinate key aspects of a project, whether with MEP Coordination, preparation for an agency inspection, or even Millwork Details.  This service can include detail drafting coordination, incremental site visits, paperwork prep for agency inspections

Design Development

Supporting a design team to effectively develop a design for a building or space that maximizes it’s zoning potential. This service can include, drawing review, detail drafting, 3-D printing services

Owners Representation

  • Equipped over the last 15 years with the experience of being trained as an architect and licensed expeditor, having consulted for developers, and worked in construction management, RYSQ is able to provide a detail oriented service to bring a project from initial zoning and code analysis phase, through design, execution, and completion.
  • Bridge the gap between all stakeholders to direct, advise, and manage a project through all phases. 
  • Build a team dynamic to support the vision and bring the project to fruition in an efficient and cost effective manner

Strategic RYSQ Management

  • A refined approach to a standard project risk management  protocol
  • A calculated risk = a RYSQ.
  • This is a unique service that harks back to Robyn’s first job as a Lifeguard.
  • The most valuable lessons were learned up on that lifeguard chair during that summer or being a team player to manage the facility in the 90s
  • Learned to survey the scene, observe, warn, and if necessary, jump into save someone from drowning, those are intrinsic elements to any project that RYSQ is a part of.

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