RYSQ agreed to participate in the Pilot project for Illuminate Cites NYC to expand on a key mantra of her practice, ‘Context brings Content’.  

Embracing the fact that  ‘Architecture is truly the Art of Process, phasing an idea from the Abstract to the Real’

… when approached by the other collaborators it was intriguing to see how

‘Art has the potential to evolve as the Architecture of Process, phasing an idea from the Real to the Abstract’

in order to translate into didactic content.

RYSQ was invited as a collaborator for the Illuminate Cities Project in summer of 2020 and involved in the following for this Innovative LED Light Map of New York City:

  • Design & Fabrication Strategy
  • Coordinate Logistics
  • Develop Graphic Design and Marketing Schemes

Overall  Size: 6′-0″ x 5′-0″

Material: LED Lights, Ultra Light MDF , Perforated Black Sintra, Steel Cables

Collaborators involved:

  • Alexandra Payne: Project Manager, Urban Planner and Policy Specialist (Amplify)
  • Domingo Abrusci: Project Lead, Designer and Architect (licensed in Italy)
  • Elisa Forlini: Lighting Design, Chartered RIBA Architect


[Please note this GIF is for reference only and was produced by others]

Project Video


Illuminate Cities Project Collaborative


New York City



Work Type

Fabrication Art Collaboration