RYSQ LLC is a consulting collective in Design, Construction, and Development with a focus on ​wellbeing and sustainability.
Building a progressive team to cultivate strategic design solutions for the next phase of the industry. Exploring new materials & technology through multi-disciplinary art exhibitions & commissions in order to scale ideas.

Client Spectrum:

Non-profits, hotel & residential developers, landscape designers, furniture fabricators, artist collectives, and wellbeing Yoga studios.

The Mantras of RYSQ


Professional Work Experience Architecture & Construction Management Resume & Portfolio available upon request

Robyn Squires

At the core, Robyn is an Abstract Photographer & Synthesizer. Without words, she can tell a story and capture emotions through details naked to the eye.

However, a 2-D form of recording a moment is limiting, so at age 17 she embarked on a journey to continue her education in the realm of learning how to communicate & express her ideas in architecture. Not just record moments, but build moments with which others will want to make memories.

‘Architecture is like a permanent form of graffiti, just with a more sophisticated process.’ The layers of information it takes to really make a project happen on any scale is a mystifying process. It takes Time & Patience & Influence to make it happen.

Architecture is truly the art of process: Phasing an idea from the abstract to the real.

Therefore, abstracting the context & synthesizing it through various means & methods, provides limitless amounts of content to inspire.

Taking an idea at any scale out of Phase 0 is architecture. Allowing it to exist, grow, succeed, flourish, breathe and fuel other content is a constant evolution: simple as that.

Robyn‘s distinct method of recording moments and embracing the process to take an idea out of Phase 0, inevitably passes through an insightful lens & shutter. The process of zooming in & out to approach ideas from various scales & levels of materiality is what motivates her to make things happen. The process requires a collective and will never be limited to a singular form of expression, scale, or material. The process is a constant synthesis and evolving dialectic.

And yes, it’s RYSQ not RISK. We are not selfish with an ‘I’, we are inquisitive with a ‘Y’. We take calculated RYSQ’s.

Thank you Osa for inspiring me when I first moved to New York City. It all started with a speaker ring and the rest is history.

Robyn currently resides on the Island of Manhattan,  via D.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, San Francisco, California, with brief interludes in other countries. She is trained as an architect, holds a Masters in Architecture from Tulane University, and studied photography & contemporary architecture abroad.

Her first job at age 15, was as a Tallyho Pool lifeguard; Whistle blowing when deemed appropriate still rings true today. Safety First.

Since moving to New York City in 2004, she spent 5 years training under licensed architects and expeditors, working on high-end residential and mixed-use projects from schematic design to certificate of occupancy phase. In 2010, she transitioned to construction management for 8 years. Over the years in her professional career, she has successfully managed a dozen buildings in New York City ranging from 4 – 18 stories. To understanding conventional architecture as building and following the rules as part of a team to make it happen is a more tangible way to learn the craft.

In an effort to keep her creative skills sharp, she formed RYSQ Design Collective in 2005 as an umbrella under which she could collaborate with friends near and far to help them build their ideas and have them help her take ideas to the next level. That is priceless.

A collective of minds working together is what RYSQ embodies as a connector, pooling people from various walks of life depending on the project. RYSQ taps into the core of what is required to get the job completed with her vast network of resources.


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Robyn Squires

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