Art Projects & Commissions


pronounced /skript/

As the founder and creative director for RYSQ LLC, Robyn collaborates in various capacities with artists & fabricators to provide services & do commissions to scale ideas from 2-D, 3-D, 4-D, & into 5-D realm.

To express interest for an idea or upcoming project, please review below and submit for consideration.

The current focus for 2022 is in Concrete & Metal fabrication. So if your work aligns with those materials, those collaborations, commissions, and service for hire will be prioritized. 2023 will be focused on Resin.


The Model

What is a Sqrypt?  Sqrypt (pronounced /script/) is a refined approach to the RYSQ creative process with a clear sequence, structure, rhythm, and methodology of construct. 

Sqrypt has 4 distinct phases. It is a 6 part material process. When submitting an idea to ‘sqrypt’ it will be defined relative to a phase & material process.

Why? To translate and scale ideas to the next level and achieve a new phase of material

How?  Through Research, Design Charrette, Rapid Prototype Phase, Scale, Protect

Where? Based In New York City

Basis of Design:
RYSQ is servicemarked in Class 40 & 41. The process of education, fabrication, design,
strategy, photography, method of translation of ideas is protected content and context.


The Process

Is Defined by the approach, scale, and project vibe.

Keep in mind, I’ve designed and coordinated skyscrapers in NYC down to artifact pieces of
jewelry, so the range of what Sqrypt projects can evolve into is quite expansive.

Is this service for hire? A Commission? A collaboration?

Submit Your Project

Fill out SQRYPT: Places Matter business questionnaire to see if you qualify for our consulting services.

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