Steel Flat Bar Bent by hand in a metal shop then cast at an active construction site in Long Island City. Sculpture transferred to Miami area during Art Basel 2021 to commence the  ‘research study’ and explore the possibility of the recently cast sculptures to be planted in a different context to see how the materials weather and evolve.


The context of the ocean transforms the sculpture to lose site + sight of scale.

The content then being transferred to Wynwood to be secured for its weathering experiment to see how the heat, humidity, and storms of the seasons for 2022 will impact the materiality of the construct.


A fall cast piece. In a year, how will one outside in Miami compare to a similar sculpture planted in NYC. That is the current street art exploration.

Collaborations often occur with street artists + RYSQ. This is one of the first sculptures that has the potential to scale with the notion of Sqrypt.


The ultimate goal for this piece is to scale and fabricate as a public art installation piece 18′-0″ high.

Project Video



Sunny Isles Beach



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