Key to the City

The key to the city of New York lies within.

This is a RYSQ motivated graphic inspired by a photo taken back in 2007 of a custom doorknob at the commissioners off of NYC Department of Buildings.

It’s evolved into an iconic insignia in graphics designed by RYSQ over the years.

In 2018: in collab with Pintrill, a limited edition set of 100 pins was released.

In 2019: this graphic was  used as an element in graphics with Adidas in 2019

In 2020: worked into a graphic to support the ArtClinic by Sacsix for his coloring book experiment with local artists

In 2020: experiments with applying the graphic on t-shirts


Hopefully one day…  RYSQ + NYON Collab  New York or Nowhere. [wishful thinking]

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New York



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Jewelry Design