Kelvin 1687

In collaboration with the owner of the company, my late  father Dr. Stephen L Squires, PhD.

We developed the logo inspired by the Persistence of Memory – melting clocks  of Salvador Dali.

The meaning behind the name of the company: Kelvin 1687

Kelvin 1687 is the  melting point of silicon which in essence is the future of trustworthy  technology systems and a digital renaissance

In addition to designing the ‘digital clock’  logo, we also experimented with limited edition merch and graphics package with business cards, postcards, coasters, mugs, and stickers for distribution to company clients and colleagues.

A limited edition pair of silver and gold enameled cufflinks and lapel pins for a visionary company we

Two dozen gold and black enamel pins were distributed during the  SLSQ memorial service in May 2019

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Kelvin 1687


New York



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Jewelry Design