SQRYPT 2020 Power of the Postcard

What is the Inspiration? After World War II, my great uncle Sidney, worked at USPS sorting mail. He led a simple and fulfilling life. 9 months out of the year he worked and for 3 months he went on a solo road trip through North America. He often said: There is something of interest in every state. From the Corn Palace in South Dakota to his favorite destination Lake Louise in Alberta Canada, time on the road was his happy place.  He made sure at every major destination stop to send postcards to close friends and family. Our family cherished these postcards and towards the end of his life, I was on the shortlist of recipients.  I have currently inherited the entire collection since 1947, which has revived a post card project I started in 2007.

Why now? 2020 is critical moment in time to build a capsule collection of recording moments that people can build and share memories with. Something as simple as a 4×6 card that can travel across a continent or around the world is amazing to connect people. It may take a month to cross the ocean but the fact it even gets to a destination is amazing.

Where will this project go? Hopefully the cards of my abstract photography will connect people in a simple way through a fading art of communication. Out of context, the content recorded in my art or the connections made in a mosaic of images, resonates differently to each individual that engages it. That is the power of a postcard.

Step by Step: How to Address a Postcard:

  • Use back of postcard to address the recipient
  • Write the recipient’s address on right hand side of postcard
  • Address the person you are sending your card to on left hand side of postcard.
  • Always remember to write the date. Don’t rely on the postal service stamp as record
  • Write a thoughtful handwritten message
  • Sign your postcard
  • Stamp and drop in the mailbox same day.

Ideas of What to Write on a Postcard:

  • Weather, Location, Experience,
  • Provide the recipient a glimpse into your day or trip
  • Add the date
  • Purchase local stamps to support the postal system

2. Content:

  • Include an interesting fact learned that day
  • Mention tips for future travelers
  • Share a news headline from your current destination
  • Send inspiring words of wisdom
  • Draw a picture
  • Reminisce about the recipient
  • Circle a hidden message of letters to decipher
  • Don’t forget to sign it

History & Information about stamp rates

It’s Official: Congress passed legislation on June 8, 1872, that approved government production of postal cards. The first government-produced postcard was issued on May 1, 1873. One side of the postcard was for a message and the other side was for the recipient’s address for the cost of 2 cents.

For perspective:
Rate 1980: 12 Cents [the year I was born]
Rate 2020: 35 Cents

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